Having the iCloud blocked does not mean the end of the world, nowadays there are multiple tools that will help you to continue using your device without problem. In this opportunity we will be talking specifically about the iCloud system bypass DNS server.

DNS Service

If you have a mobile or any other iOS device locked in the iCloud and you want to use it, you will only have two options:

The difference between each of these options is very obvious; however, we will explain them below. With the iCloud removal free tool you will be able to enter the blocking code of the mobile device and release it. This will allow you to overcome this blockade temporarily or permanently.

When we talk about temporary or permanent forms we mean that some software that is on the market releases the blockade, but some days or months later the mobile returns to its initial configuration and the process is lost. But, other tools, such as the one we offer you unlock the equipment permanently. You will never have to worry about the iCloud get block again.

Now, the iCloud bypass DNS server function is a little different; in this case we will not unblock the iCloud but we will manage to enter it and use its functions. All this is achieved with a DNS method.

We offer this DNS service without proxies, with a fairly secure connection and 99% efficiency. Our method is very simple, comfortable and easy to use as well as free. As you read it, you will not have to pay anything to use this service; you can enjoy it for free.


What can you do with the DNS bypass?

The first thing to know is that this system works with all iPhone devices and can even be used safely in the iPad of various models. You can comfortably use your iPhone 4, 5, 6, X, etc with this simple system.

With this new system you can see your videos, play, surf the web, chat with your friends, listen to music, and use almost all the normal functions of your iPhone or iPad even when the iCloud is blocked.

Another advantage that you will have with us besides being able to return functionality to your device is a private chat with the best experts in the system. And we also offer support for all iOS versions of iPhone and iPad devices.

Do not miss the opportunity to continue using the functions of your mobile because you have blocked the iCloud, try any of the methods that we present and solve your problem. Especially test this DNS system and we guarantee that you will not regret it.

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