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iCloud generator is a software that will help you avoid blocking iCloud, through a program that has been created to unblock all types of Apple devices, for example: iPhone, iPad, iPod. It is an unlock activation software, in other words it helps to unlock the activation of iCloud.

However, before you see how the iCloud Generator works, it’s important to know that it’s the iCloud activation block, which is an activation block that prevents other users from using your device in case it’s stolen or lost. For older versions this system must be enabled and for phones in iOS 7 and later versions, the activation lock is automatically enabled.

Basically, iCloud blocking guarantees the security of your phone. Once the “Find My iPhone” feature is enabled, your Apple ID is saved by the Apple activation server. From there, whenever your phone is turned off or you perform any type of action, such as deleting the device or reactivating the device, it will prompt you to unlock iCloud activation.

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However, to use the iCloud Generator you must verify if your phone has blocked iCloud activation and we have a way for you to do this today:

You can visit https://icloud.com/activationlock from any computer to check the current activation lock status of your device. Follow the steps below to make sure you can use your iPhone device without complications:

  1. Turn on the device and slide to unlock it: if the screen shows a password lock screen or you can see the home screen, the device you purchased is not deleted. You should go to Settings > General > Reset > Delete all content and settings.


Configure the device: Once you have selected the language, the country and have been connected to a network, the device will start the activation. If the device asks for your Apple ID and password from the previous owner, the device is still linked to a previously used account. You must locate the former owner. However, if the previous owner of the device cannot be found or is not present, you can try to remove the device by going to https://www.icloud.com/find.

iCloud Generator

Click on the button below to download this software for free. You can unlock the iCloud from all Apple devices.


Turn iCloud blocking off or remove it on iPhone

In addition to using the iCloud Generator to disable iCloud blocking, you can also try to do it directly from your iPhone.

Unlock your iPhone, open the ‘Settings’ and select the ‘Wi-Fi’ settings. In the list, click on the “i” symbol next to the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to.

In the Wi-Fi settings menu, delete your existing DNS and enter a new one based on your location:

  • To disable iCloud activation in the US/North America, the new DNS is
  • To disable iCloud activation in Europe, the new DNS is
  • To disable iCloud activation in Asia, the new DNS is
  • To disable iCloud activation in another area, the new DNS is

After entering the new DNS, click on “Back” and then click on “Activation Help”. Once the settings for disabling iCloud activation are made, you will receive the following message: “You have successfully connected to my server”. By that time you will have successfully unlocked iCloud and will be able to access most of the features.

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